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CHANTICLEER AUCTIONS® specializes in marketing higher value, sometimes hard-to-move goods.  These may include vintage wines, antique furniture, artworks, boats, vintage automobiles, real estate, or unique collectibles "with attitude" -- expected sales at $5,000 and above.

Some of our clients have inherited collections, the value of which they have no idea. Others are merchants heavily invested in merchandise which their local markets can't support.  Still others are downsizing their lives or circumstances for an infinity of reasons.  Some just are intrigued with the potential of the global marketplace . . . they want to test their wares in it. (Please click the  SITE MAP to see sample items and properties for sale.)

For each of these clients, our auction services are ethical, bank- and client-referenced, and completely confidential.  We use many auction venues
. . . obviously eBay is the giant.  However, for certain classes of goods,, Yahoo®,,, home-info,, and other specialized sites work well.

Our custom-designed auction pages catch and hold potential bidders' attention, engage their interest, and are Proven Sellers.  Typically, 100 to 500 pre-qualified and product-interested visitors "leaf through" Chanticleer® pages during any given auction -- our Buying and Selling Clients literally cover the globe. 

FEES and DETAILS:   Chanticleer® commission rates are market competitive; higher-value product mixes and volume allow us to set this structure.  In general, our fees are: for realty 3% of deed-registered sale price;  For chattels and estate merchandise 25% for the first $5000, 17½% from $5001 to $20,000, and 12½% from $20,001 and above.
(For automotive and watercraft marketed on eBay Motors, eBay levies an up-front listing fee of $40, but there is no final value fee.)  For special auctions, wine lots, private direct sales, and other situations, fees are negotiated.

In most cases, all we need to set up your auction are:
1) a clear set of photographs, film or digital (We provide free digital
    photography services for  central Virginia clients);
2) detailed descriptions of your items, including any defects;
3) your confidential "rock-bottom" price -- which our bidders usually well exceed -- so that we may set the appropriate auction venue and strategy; and  
4) Our signed contract (typical specimen). 

For NON-REALTY contracts: once the auction is ended -- usually 7 to 10 days, or often one or two days if the "Buy-It-Now" option is used -- we pay you from our own accounts (and if overseas, in your own currency whether €, £, ¥, HK$, or whichever).   Your proceeds are sent the same day we receive confirmation of the Winning Bidder's payment -- your money is never "floated."  Electronic transactions are preferred, for all parties' immediate and mutual benefit.
    REALTY: Terms of these contracts are negotiated between the interested parties.

Wherever in the world you or your property are located,  we can arrange direct shipping from your goods' location to that of the Winning Bidder, local and national laws permitting.  In those few cases for which there is No Sale during the initial auction ... we re-list at no extra charge.  Tell us what you need to sell.  Either e-mail us directly or fill out the convenient Auction form.

     We now enjoy a world-wide, 360°, 24/7 real-time market . . .
     Let it work for you too!

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