Are you an individual, a business, or a non-profit?
What general category of goods do you wish to sell?
What  impediments might exist against this sale?
Please give me a detailed description of the goods.
     (If available, you may send me .jpg or .gif images by e-mail attach-
ment. If not, I can use your physical photos of the property.)
If local to central Virginia, I can also provide photography services, at cost.
       Upon receipt of this form, I will send you a copy of the standard CHANTICLEER AUCTIONS® Contract.  You may amend any language which better suits you. Upon our mutual approval, you can send a signed hard copy via Airmail and/or a fax copy.
Where are the goods located?
What is the lowest U.S. Dollar value you could accept?
.... And how much would you realistically expect?
AUCTION FORM: Your name and e-mail address, please...
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