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  African Drum Duel http://www.chanticleerdzynz.com/gallery1.html

  Fredericksburg  VA Local  http://www.welcomingneighbors.homestead.com

  Real Estate (VA)  http://www.210market.homestead.com

  Real Estate (FL)   http://www.chanticleerdzynz.com/gallery9a.html
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      My web page rates vary according to complexity.   Most clients begin with a simple "Splash-page" (introduction site).  Then as their business or interests expand, so do their sites.   Please either e-mail me directly, or fill out the convenient
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  Chanticleer Web Design® specializes in building creative websites and auction pages  -- business, non-profit, or personal.  Chanticleer pages and sites are always tasteful and they claim high "dwell" ... the ability to capture and maintain visitors' attention:

-- They are completely user's eye-friendly . . .
      (Frames and dead white backgrounds are not encouraged.)
-- Graphics are crunched to the maximum, consistent with
   picture quality . . .  (This minimizes visitors' download time.)
-- Chanticleer's limited, well-behaved animations and applets
   suggest and persuade . . . they never scream or demand.
-- The English texts are always literate, grammatical, and free
   from spelling or typographical errors.
-- Finally, Chanticleer Web Design® sites play only
   genuine music -- never "McMIDI's."  For example: